Richard Harris project.. How we pulled the whole thing off!

We managed to complete the assignment by firstly emailing each other and trying to pick a suitable day and time to go and visit the Richard Harris statue in Limerick. After our visit we kept in contact via email, text and Facebook. we actually set up a group chat on Facebook especially to discuss the assignment for the wiki page, so we would regularly chat about our plans and progress of the project, we would contact each other via text or Facebook if we were stuck on something to do with the project. we found it especially difficult to upload our photos to the wiki page but our group member Lisa managed to figure it out for us so we fixed that problem! I have to say I was very happy with our progress and communication skills throughout the assignment, it made it a lot easier to complete the project by working together as a group.

Wiki assignment( Richard Harris Statue)

For our wiki assignment, we were assigned to visit the statue of Richard Harris located in Bedford Row in Limerick city. Two girls from my group and myself, all met at the stables one Tuesday evening at about 4’o’clock, our lecturer had giving us the day off in order to complete this assignment. We got the bus from the college into Limerick City and got to know each other better, had the banter and giggles on the bus, and try to figure out where exactly we were going as none of us were from Limerick and pretty much like deers caught in the headlights! But we eventually found the statue after afew minutes of wandering. When we got there we all took out our phones and took pictures of the statue from every possible angle, we then insisted on taking ‘selfies’ with the statue and we were getting some very strange looks from the people of Limerick walking by, but what harm! after we had taking at least 30 photos of the statue we got the bus back to college and arranged to contact each other via facebook and email to start dividing our project among us into different sections for the wiki page assignment.

Tweasure Hunt.

Our digital Media tweasure Hunt took place in week three semester one. The term ‘Tweasure Hunt’ refers to the combination of twitter and treasure hunt. Our lecturer wanted us to do this group activity so that we would be able to familiarise ourselves with the social communication site Twitter as many people in our module were not regular users of twitter and some in fact had never used it before. Our lecturer split our class into groups of three or four and we were giving a map of destinations to find throughout the college. every destination that we managed to find was written on a yellow piece of paper and then we would immediately take a picture and upload it to twitter with our module class hash tag #ixdm13.

The tweasure hunt was a really fun experience for me even though the weather was really bad(TYPICAL IRISH WEATHER!!)I found it awkward around that time to talk to people I didn’t know because I’m so use to living in a small town back at home where everybody knows eachother, but I found it such a relief to be in a group with such nice people who were all struggling with the same college difficulties that I had been experiencing(phew I wasn’t alone!) It helped me to come out of my shell more and interact with my fellow class mates. The tweasure hunt also helped me in a huge way to find my way around college, I had never known that some buildings even existed, so no more wandering into ‘The Hub’ nearly in floods of tears because I could not find which building my lecture was in! I also got more familiar with using twitter, I already had a twitter account but did not really understand how to interact with my friends but after the twesure hunt I have definitely started using it more. Overall I really benefitted from this experience and really glad I was a part of it.